Growth Rate Tree Size Fruit Size Flesh Color Ease of Peeling Seeds Holds on Tree Sun Sensitivity Eating Juicing


Butwal Fast Large Med Yellow Fair Few Excel Excel Yes Yes
Lisbon Fast Large Med-Lg Yellow Poor None-Few Good Excel No Yes
Meyer Med Med-Lg Sm-Med Orange-tinged Poor Few Excel Excel Yes Yes
Millsweet Mod Large Med Yellow Fair Few Good Excel Yes Yes
Pink Eureka Mod Med-Lg Med Pink Poor Few Good Excel No Yes
Ponderosa Fast Large X-Lg Yellow Poor Many Excel Excel No Yes
Sunburst Slow Small Med Yellow Poor Few Excel Excel No Yes


Kieffer Med Med-Lg Small Green Poor * Many Excel Excel No No
Mexican Mod Large Small Grn/Yel Poor Few-Many Poor Fair No Yes
Persian Fast Large Med Grn/Yel Poor None Fair Excel No Yes
Rangpur Mod Med Small Orange Excel Many Excel Fair No Yes

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