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The first step toward successfully growing citrus trees is to take the time to find out which varieties grow best in your area.  If possible, buy from a nursery that grows their own trees or at least find out where the trees were grown.  This will help ensure that the variety you select will grow well in your area.  Usually, citrus nurseries will only sell what will grow in their area, but some varieties are hardier and require less nurturing.

Most fruiting citrus varieties are budded onto a desirable rootstock.  The rootstock should be from the type of citrus tree that grows best in your climate.  To date, in the Salt River Valley, this is usually the Seville Sour Orange.  The tree you select should have healthy, deep green leaves.  The trunk should be straight and the tree should be able to support itself without a stake.  If possible, select a tree with little or no fruit, at best, harvest the fruit immediately following transplant. It takes a lot of energy for a young tree to grow fruit.  A newly planted tree will need to conserve energy as it adapts to the stresses of it's new environment, allowing it to grow new roots and leaves.

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