Growth Rate Tree Size Fruit Size Flesh Color Ease of Peeling Seeds Holds on Tree Sun Sensitivity Eating Juicing
Algerian Mod Large Med Orange Excel Few-Many Good Good Yes No
Daisey Mod Med Med Orange Good None-Few Good Good Yes Yes
Fairchild Slow Med Med Orange Excel Few-Many Good Good Yes Yes
Fremont Mod Med Med Orange Excel Many Good Fair Yes Yes
Honey Mod Med Sm/Med Orange Excel Many Good Good Yes No
Kinnow Fast Large Med Orange Fair Many Excel Good Yes Yes
Satsuma Mod Large Med Orange Excel Few-Many Fair Good Yes Yes
Minneola Fast Large Large Orange Good Few-Many Good Good Yes Yes
Orlando Fast Large Med Orange Poor Many Fair-Good Good Yes Yes
bullet[2].gif (297 bytes) These varieties need cross-pollination by another Tangerine or Tangelo.

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